Kelong Acheh aims to cater not only avid anglers but also visitors & tourists who simply wants to have a restful, reflective & relaxing stay by the sea. The kelong is also a family friendly place. As such, the facilities & amenities at Kelong Acheh stresses on COMFORT and fares well above the regular kelongs in the country.

Accommodation - there are 8 dormitories that houses between 12 to 20 guests each. Clean sheets, mattresses and pillows are provided. There are also fans in the the dormitories (though they are rarely used as sea breeze keeps guests cool mostly). Sleep at the kelong is indeed a blissful experience as guests are lulled to sleep by the sea breeze.

Electricity is turned on from 7pm to 7am the next morning. All corners of the kelong is lit up to ensure high visibility for activities as well as for safety of guests.

Fresh water for washing, bathing and cleaning is available on taps and in the numerous bathroom/toilets around the kelong. The fresh water is sourced directly from the hills on Acheh Island nearby so you can enjoy a fresh and invigorating bath as and when you please.

Food & beverage is included in the package. A 24-hour stay includes an all HALAL lunch, tea, dinner, supper and breakfast the next morning (please refer to Packages for more details). All meals are freshly served in the restaurant which easily sits more than 100 guests. Hot and cold beverages are provided free-flow throughout the day and night. 

Game/reading area and karaoke room is situated next to the restaurant. The karaoke room also serves as a function room for meetings & other events and can sit 50 guests.

Fencing perimeter, a feature not usually found in most kelongs emphasizes on safety of guests at Kelong Acheh. This also makes the place child-safe, an ideal feature for family vacation.

Live bait well is provided for an all night fishing. Bait is netted up in the evening and the fishes are place in a ventilated well for all guess to access throughout the night.


12 pax unit  / recreation space downstairs

Sleeping arrangement in dorm

Fully equipped toilet and bathroom

Fresh water taps can be found around the kelong

Dining Area

Lunch is served

Open deck for BBQ

Karaoke/function room

Live bait well

Individual balcony for every unit

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